A Mid-Century Modern with Flair – The Charlotte Goodwin House (1962)

photo credit: Keith Henderson


Mid-century modern generally covers the years after WWII (though in some cases from the mid-thirties) through to the mid-sixties. The term was coined by author Cara Greenberg for her 1984 book, “Mid-century Modern:  Furniture of the 1950’s.”

photo credit: Paul Fuoco

New Westminster has been long renowned for its large collection of older Victorian, Edwardian, Tudor Revival and Colonial style heritage homes. Less known are the many wonderful mid-century modern homes scattered throughout the city and in its Massey Victory Heights neighbourhood.

149 Harvey Street is an example of a mid-century post-and-beam house, designed by architect G.Douglas Wylie and built for Mrs. Walter Goodwin in 1962, for $12,000. The home, originally 900 sq. ft. with two bedrooms and one bathroom, was featured in the November 1963 Western Homes and Living magazine, described as “perfectly adequate for a single person and has a flexibility often not found in much larger homes.”  In fact, the dining area was originally a patio, designed to be easily transformed into a dining room in the future.

photo credit: Keith Henderson

In August/2013, the present owners — an interior designer and her talented gardener husband — moved in and began renovations in early 2014, gutting it to the studs and installing new windows and flooring.

The wall between the corridor kitchen and the living area was removed to make room for a new kitchen. Replacing the wall between the side entry and the dining room is a wood screen, bought from the former Peking Lounge in Vancouver. The fireplace’s slate hearth is now polished concrete, and the ceiling’s tongue-and-groove ceiling and beams painted white to brighten the space. Behind the sofa, the original horizontal mahogany paneling that stopped several feet short of the ceiling — making a loft-like master bedroom on the other side — has been removed, refinished and installed vertically in the upstairs hallway. The original three-piece bath has been transformed into a new family bathroom with double vanity and walk-through shower and tub, using space from the former master bedroom.

photo credit: Keith Henderson

The original entryway now leads to a new master suite, retaining its textured glass sidelight and clerestory window.  The exterior’s cut stone wall has been incorporated in the bedroom, in the same way that the living area’s original stone fireplace carries through to the patio. The front entrance, located near the corner of the house, is now a solid and private entry that gradually reveals the open living area and views of the outdoor space.  The newly landscaped exterior has been designed to be low maintenance and provide a degree of privacy on the front patio and in the master suite.

This stunning renovation was a finalist for the 2016 Georgie Awards and the 2016 GVHBA Ovation Awards, and has been featured in Western Living online.

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