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2012 – Vancouver Top Ten Endangered Places List

Heritage Vancouver releases its annual list to draw attention to sites at risk due to neglect, lack of funding, inappropriate development and weak legislation. From unique 19th-century landmarks to simple vernacular housing, stone railway stations to heritage districts to single buildings, the list has become a powerful tool in the fight to make landmarks, not landfill.  More…
Source: Heritage Vancouver Society  

Burr Theatre 2007
2007 – New Westminster Top Ten Endangered Sites List

The Burr Theatre on Columbia Street tops our list of the 2007  “Top 10” most endangered buildings in New Westminster.

Like the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, also built in 1927 and widely recognized for its heritage quality, the Columbia Theatre was built in a Spanish Moor architectural style.  The Columbia’s architects Townley and Matheson also designed Vancouver City Hall. The Columbia opened as one era was giving way to a new,and offered vaudeville, cinema, and live performances all in one place, and sometimes mixed together. More…NWHPS 2007 top ten list
2004 – New Westminster’s Top 10 Endangered Sites List

For several years now, Heritage Vancouver has annually released a list of Top 10 endangered heritage resources in Vancouver. That list includes the Burrard Street bridge, and buildings which are art deco, industrial buildings, old military buildings, and others.  Jim Hutson, a board member of the Heritage Preservation Society, thought it would be a good idea to have a similar list for New Westminster, and encouraged me to take the time to look into it. More…