June 13, 2017 Notice of Public Hearing

Dear Community Member

RE:  Queen’s Park Heritage Area Policy – June 13, 2017 Public Hearing

As the City is anticipating a high number of speakers at this Public Hearing, speakers are requested to register individually in advance, beginning at 8:00 AM on May 30 and continuing until 7:00PM on June 13, Beginning at 8:00 AM on May May 30, please register by emailing clerks@newwestcity.ca or by calling 604-527-4523. All persons present at the Public Hearing will be permitted to address Mayor and Council.  Registered speakers will receive priority and be called to speak in the order that the registrations were received.

Written submissions addressed to Mayor and Council may be sent prior to the closing of the Public Hearing:

Email: clerks@newwewtcity.ca

Post:    Legislative Services Department, 511 Royal Avenue,  New Westminster, BC  V3L 1H9

Any delegation wishing to provide a PowerPoint, PDF presentation, or video, must submit a copy of the presentation to clerks@newwestcity.ca by 12:00 pm on Friday, June 9. The City reserves the right to edit the presentation to address privacy concerns.

Further information regarding this Public Hearing can be found at www.newwestcity.ca/publicnotices.


Sincerely, Jan Gibson, City Clerk

Attachments:   http://bit.ly/2qzva3d
  • Proposed Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area (page 1)
  • Heritage Conservation Area Protection Categories & Examples of activities for which a heritage permit would  not be required (page 2)
  • Incentives | Special Limited Category (page 3)
  • Heritage Conservation Area Q&A (page 3 & 4)