NWHPS asks the Mayoral Candidates

New Westminster Heritage Preservation SocietyA few weeks ago, NWHPS’ Board of Directors sent  a list of questions relating to heritage housing in New Westminster to our  mayoral candidates. We received a response from one candidate – Jonathan Cote:

1. What do you think is the single most important action the local government could undertake to encourage heritage preservation in the community?
Jonathan Cote:  I think there needs to be a greater recognition of the value that heritage brings to our city. I would like to see the city explore tax incentives for commercial heritage properties and increase grant funding to support designated residential heritage properties. I would like to see New Westminster follow the lead of places like Victoria who have implemented some great policy work on protecting heritage.

2. How will you balance development pressures against the need to preserve heritage structures and neighbourhoods?
Jonathan Cote: I believe the city needs to provide incentives to make it more attractive to preserve heritage in our neighborhoods. There needs to be flexibility and recognition in our planning and policies that acknowledge the heritage preservation can be challenging and should be on a level playing field as new developments.

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