Study Group working to protect endangered Queen’s Park Heritage Homes

New Westminster Heritage Preservation SocietyIn his November 8, 2013, New Westminster News Leader reporter Grant Granger covered the aftermath of the demolition of 221 – 3rd Avenue, including City Council’s plan to bring together the community “to work on ways to ensure the neighbourhood’s old treasures don’t disappear by forming a working group involving several stakeholders”.

It’s early days for the working group, that includes NWHPS members Maureen Arvanitidis and Deane Gurney. Queen’s Park Residents Association reps are David Brett and Steve North. They attended the March 6 Open House hosted by the City.

City Council’s goals for the Working Group:

  •  identify workable solutions to encourage the retention of heritage houses, the reduction of demolitions and  the reduction of unsympathetic changes to heritage houses;
  • educate the neighbourhood with regard to the advantages of owning a heritage house, heritage retention options and heritage legislation; and
  • share information and strategies with other New Westminster neighbourhoods.

The working group includes the following representation:

  • The Chair of the New Westminster Community Heritage Commission
  • Two members recommended by the Queen’s Park Residents’ Association
  • Two members recommended by the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society
  • Six residents from the Queen’s Park neighbourhood (appointed by City Council).

The group will meet in the evening of the fourth Thursday of every month, from April 2014 to October 2015. There’s still time for your input and involvement.

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