Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.  Quorum confirmed

Welcome to attendees by Steve North, President NWHPS and introduction of Val Lawlor, President of Vagabond Players.

Val Lawlor welcomed attendees and gave a brief overview of the history of the building as well as the theatre company. The Vagabond Players were incorporated as a non-profit society in 1954 and they currently do five shows a year in the Bernie Legge Theatre.

President’s message:

  • The 40th Annual Homes Tour held in May 2019 was a huge success and was fully sold out.  Thanks to the volunteers, directors and of course the tour goers.
  • If you know of anyone wanting to put their house on the next tour, please let one of the directors know.
  • The Vimy Tree was purchased by NWHPS and it has been planted in the front of City Hall.  The tree was grown in Ontario from acorns taken from trees at Vimy Ridge.
  • The NWHPS purchased and laid a wreath during the Remembrance Day ceremony at City Hall this past November.
  • There are continuing difficulties with City Hall regarding the HRA processes and policies.  The society requested a halt on HRA’s in Queen’s Park until the process has had the promised review.
  • City staff are too busy to work on HRA issues apparently.
  • One director, Nancy O’Connor has resigned from the board and a thank goes to her for all her hard work.
  • The NWHPS is considering an updated look for their logo and website – stay tuned!
  • The society is planning some events for members with more information on these to come out shortly so watch the website.


  • Summary of the society’s financials was presented by Gail North, the current treasurer
  • Moved by Catherine Hutson and seconded by Karen Harbick to accept the financial reports as presented.  Motion carried by members’ vote in favour.


  • Graeme Davy is responsible for the society’s membership information and he provided a general report.
  • Currently there are 103 members

Election of Directors

  • Current slate of 9 directors will stand again for election.
  • No further nominations put forward for a position as a director.
  • Anyone who wants to participate in the works of the society, but who may not want to be a director, should let any of the directors know.
  • Moved by Margaret Cormier and seconded by Steve Norman to accept the current slate of directors for the next term. Motion carried by members’ vote in favour.

Member questions/discussions:

  • Question raised as to whether or not an annual budget is typically prepared. This was confirmed by the past president, Maureen Arvanitidis, that it is has not been done in the past.
  • Question around why the society isn’t doing more educational events and is there any way that information can be provided to a home owner who may be interested in preserving a house.
    • Directors have been considering other ways to put their society’s name ‘out there’.
    • Educational components will be planned for this coming year.
  • Question raised around the letters written and meeting with council
    • Letters written are thought to represent the heritage community as a whole but the membership is not usually polled to confirm this. The thought is that the directors are representative of the membership opinions.
  • Some consideration is being given to starting a newsletter that would go to the membership list.

Presentation by Rob McCullough on the history and restoration of Irving House.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


2021 NWHPS AGM Minutes & Financials