BC Heritage Awards

Excerpted from BC Heritage Awards. Read the full article on all 2023 BC Heritage Award recipients.

The BC Heritage Awards celebrate incredible achievements in heritage across the Province of BC every year.

Steve Norman (second from right), award recipient at BC Heritage Awards Gala. If you attended the May 28 Heritage Homes Tour, you will have toured Steve’s 1910 heritage home on Queen’s Avenue and the two rescued cottages he subdivided his property for as part of a Heritage Revitalization Agreement. See HRA Win for three Homes on the 2023 Heritage Homes Tour.

Ruby Nobbs Distinguished Service: Honourable Mentions

Steve Norman, New Westminster
Photo: BC Heritage

Steve Norman’s history of heritage volunteering began in 1979 when he and his wife Kitty moved to New Westminster and they connected with like-minded heritage preservationists. There was never a more determined and principled heritage enthusiast than Steve Norman. His sense of heritage justice is legendary. He long sought heritage conservation and design guidelines for the Queen’s Park neighbourhood. He served as a director of the NWHPS [now Heritage New West] on/off for more than 30 years, and held the position of President of the Queen’s Park Residents Association for a period of time in the 1990s and then most recently served as its Vice-President. He and then President Kathleen Langstroth together led the grassroots movement in 2016/2017 to help create a Heritage Conservation Area in the Queen’s Park neighbourhood. Their commitment to the HCA and the quest for the heritage holy grail cannot be overstated. Steve is also being recognized for his role with the Heritage Homes Tour as a house volunteer–a position that involves representing the society as a guide on tour day. Steve, a retired teacher, has been a dedicated and knowledgeable tour volunteer with the most “volunteer hours” since the Tour’s beginning in 1980. Steve has always been available and at the ready. –BC Heritage

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