Become a Homes Tour Volunteer

Have you thought about becoming a volunteer for Heritage New West’s annual Homes Tour?

We have answers to all your questions about this important role.

The 42nd annual New West Heritage Homes Tour will be held Sunday, May 26, 10 AM – 5 PM

What is the Volunteer Role? 

Volunteers are stationed at various locations in an assigned home to direct Tour Goers, provide information and ensure the safety of the Tour Goers, the home and its contents. Volunteers are encouraged to rotate stations so everyone has a chance (if desired) to try different stations. 

○ Ticket Checker, stationed at the Front Door. Check tickets, request Tour Goers remove and carry shoes, manage capacity. 

○ Home Attendant(s), stationed in designated rooms. Provide information, answer questions, direct and manage capacity and the flow of Tour Goers. 

○ Exit Door, stationed at the exit door. Thank Tour Goers for coming, ensure no-one enters via the rear 

What are the physical requirements to be a Volunteer? 

Volunteers are required to stand for the duration of their shift and be able to climb stairs. 

What is the schedule on Tour day?

9:30 AM – pick up your Volunteer package at your assigned home. 

9:45 – If you are on the morning shift enter your assigned home and meet the Homeowners for an orientation. If you are on the afternoon shift you are free until 1:15 

10:00 AM – Tour Day begins 

1:15 – Afternoon Shift meets the morning shift for an orientation 

1:30 – Morning shift leaves, Afternoon shift takes over. 

5:00 – End of Tour. Once the Homeowners return the Volunteers can leave. 

What are the shifts? 

There are two shifts: Morning 10 AM – 1:30 PM and Afternoon, 1:30 PM – 5 PM. NOTE – You are requested to be in your assigned home 15 minutes before your shift starts. 

Why do I have to show up 15 minutes early for my shift? 

The 15 minutes allows time for an orientation prior to starting your shift. The morning orientation is with the Homeowners and the afternoon orientation is with the Volunteers from the morning shift. 

Why do I have to show up at 9:30 if I am on the afternoon shift? 

The Volunteer packages are handed out at 9:30 in the morning. 

What do I do when I am not on shift? 

You are free to tour the other homes on the Tour. 

How much time is required to be a Volunteer? 

Each shift is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

What is the Volunteer package? 

It contains your Tour ticket/guidebook, an Express pass, and a snack. 

What is an Express pass? 

It is a badge which identifies you as a Volunteer while you are on shift, and when you are off shift it allows you to bypass line-ups at the homes on tour. 

Do I keep my Express pass? 

No. You leave your pass at the last home you visit. There will be a bag at the exit marked Express Pass, place your pass in the bag so it can be reused on the next tour. 

Will I get a T shirt? 

T Shirts are not provided every year. It varies year to year. 

What is the House Lead Role? 

The House Lead is responsible to pick up the Volunteer packages for each Home prior to Tour day and then hand them out on Tour Day. The House Lead will also contact the Volunteer Coordinator on Tour Day if a Volunteer does not show up for their shift. 

How much time is required to be a House Lead? 

30 minutes in addition to a Volunteer shift. 

What is the orientation on Tour Day? 

It will indicate if the Homeowners want Tour Goers to remove their shoes, if photos are allowed, what rooms or areas are not on the tour, flow, what areas are potentially unsafe (ie low ceilings, steep stairs) and any interesting information regarding the home, its contents or the renovation. 

What is flow? 

How Tour Goers move through the home. Which rooms and floors to visit in which order, and where to exit. 

What is capacity? 

It is the maximum number of people who should be in the home, in a room, on stairs, or on a floor. It depends upon the size of the home and Volunteers manage capacity to ensure safety of the home, its contents and the Tour Goers. 

Can I choose my shift? 

You can indicate your preferred shift. The shifts are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Note that the morning shift is more popular and fills up first. 

Can I change my shift? 

You can request a change but if the shift is already full you will be placed on a wait list.

Is there a dress code? 

There is no specific dress code. Casual attire, but not sports attire is appropriate. 

Do I get to pick the house where I Volunteer? 

Your preference may be accommodated if possible. But balancing the schedule of volunteers to the number of homes often makes this difficult to accommodate. 

When will I know which house I am assigned to? 

You will be informed one week prior to the tour. 

When will I know which homes are on the tour? 

You will be informed one week prior to the tour. 

Can I change my house assignment? 

Once all Volunteers have been assigned to a home it is difficult to make changes without re-doing the entire schedule. 

Can I request to volunteer in a specific home or area? 

You can make this request but it may not be possible. If not, your understanding and flexibility is appreciated. 

Can I request to volunteer with someone else in the same house? 

Yes, you can request to be in the same home with a friend or family member. 

What information will I be provided? 

You will be given a write-up of the home prior to Tour Day. On Tour Day you will get additional orientation information. 

Can I use the bathroom in the home I’m assigned to? 

Volunteers are allowed to use the bathrooms within their home assignment. Tour Goers are not allowed unless it is an emergency. 

What is the protocol for opening cupboards and closets and touching items in the home? No-one, including Volunteers should touch items or open closets or cupboards. Remind Tour Goers this is a private home and this is not a Real Estate open house 

What do I do if I no longer can, or want to Volunteer? 

Inform the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible.

Are you interested in becoming a New West Heritage Homes Tour volunteer?

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Sherri at volunteer.hnw@gmail.com. Provide your name and phone number, and indicate which shift you prefer (morning or afternoon). If you are volunteering with a friend or family member, please add their name, email and phone number as well.