New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society - Home Tour Tips

Here are some helpful Home Tour tips:

Your Heritage Homes Tour Program will be stamped at the door when you enter each venue on the tour – please keep it with you at all times.

One tour per venue – tempting as it will be to re-tour, you’re entitled to ONE tour of each location.

Shoe etiquette – please wear socks and remove your comfortable, easy on/easy off walking shoes before you enter a private residence on the tour. You will help to protect fragile carpets and floors, especially in the event of rain.

Planning your route – the centrespread of  your house tour program contains a map that clearly marks the location of each tour house and washroom facilities. It’s not RandMcNally certified but it will help you plan your route and decide when and where to take a break.

Washroom facilities – public washrooms (marked on your tour map) are available at Irving House, New Westminster Museum & Archives in the Anvil Centre and in our Queen’s Park venues, The Bernie Legge Theatre and Centennial Lodge.

Photography – Please ask the volunteers on duty before taking pictures. Some homeowners may prefer that you don’t photograph the interior of their home.

Getting around – New Westminster is a really walkable city. However, if you want to ensure that you visit each of the venues, consider driving, taking the bus or biking between the various neighbourhoods in which the Tour venues are located.

New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society - Home Tour TipsMaintaining your ‘welcome!’ status

We really appreciate our private homeowners and public venues for generously opening their doors to fellow heritage enthusiasts. Thank you in advance for respecting their property by following six simple rules:

1)   Tour venues are open from 10am until 5pm only – no early birds or latecomers, please.

2)   Tempting as it will be to re-tour, you’re entitled to ONE tour of each location.

3)   All Homes Tour guests must have a ticket, including children 12 years and older.

4)   It’s a long day for any Homes Tour guest – we don’t recommend bringing children under 12.

5)   No food, no drinks, no pets and no smoking on tour properties, please.

6)   Washroom facilities are NOT provided at tour homes. Check your home tour guide map map for recommended public facilities.

And Finally….

Please be patient. NWHPS’s annual heritage homes tour is extremely popular – line-ups to get into tour venues sometimes happen.  Relax. Take the opportunity to compare notes with your fellow house tourists!

And if you have questions along the way, ask our amazing volunteers!

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